Monday, February 23, 2015


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FOR SALE ~ THIN BLUE LINE & THIN RED LINE KEY FOB ~ Hand Crafted!!! Portion of sales go to Chicago Police Memorial Foundation

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My son, Bob, coming from a police family (father, both grandfathers, uncles, aunt, and cousin), all Chicago PD, felt I would like this key fob for my key chain. He named it the Thin Blue Line key fob.
I posted a photo of it on Facebook, Christmas Day after he gave it to me. So many people asked if he would make one for them he decided to produce a lot of them and offer them for sale to police and police families. The first twenty sold in half a day.
If you are interested please contact me. If we are in the same area (north side Chicago) I will deliver them or meet you for coffee to deliver them. I will be glad to mail them to you if your not in the area.
It takes my son quite a bit of time to make these and the money helps the young guy out. So show your support and solidarity for the police.

Thank you.

Bob Weisskopf.
-A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Chicago Police Memorial Fund-

Friday, February 20, 2015


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Who's interested in 2015 police memorial star and pin combo set . (Prototype is attached) At this point looking for interests to see how many to produce . Selling price around $55.00 plus shipping . Will have exact numbers soon . Will also be doing a challenge coin for $ 10.00 . Will be taking pre-orders sales only, as I did last year! Please message on Facebook me if interested or send email to Bob Kane

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Please support Danny O'Brien as he and his courageous family begin a journey no one should ever have to take.

On Thursday January 8th my sister, Mary O’Brien, took her 5 month old baby Danny to the pediatrician.  He had been battling a cold and ear infection, so she wanted to have the doctor take a look.  During Danny’s visit, the doctors noticed a mass in his abdomen and sent Mary and Danny to Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.  She knew in that moment that their lives would forever change.  Mary was quickly joined by her husband Rory while Danny’s two older sisters Maggie (4) and Catherine (2) were cared for by their adoring grandparents.
The mass in Danny's abdomen was later identified as a malignant liver tumor.  Danny’s tumor is aggressive so his team at Lurie Children’s want to treat it aggressively.  Danny will endure several rounds of chemo, surgery, and radiation.  We pray that the chemo will shrink the tumor that Danny’s surgery will be successful, and the radiation will destroy any remaining cancerous cells. With support from family and close friends, Mary and Rory have been at Lurie Children's by Danny's side since he was admitted on 1/8/15 all while maintaining normal routines for their girls at home.  
We have decided to create this page to share updates and allow an avenue where friends, family, and supporters can leave words of encouragement as well as offer financial support for the O’Brien family.  Mary, a speech pathologist for Chicago Public Schools, had chosen to take the year off to care for their 3 young children.  Rory, a Chicago Police Officer and long time supporter of the St.Baldrick's Foundation, is currently the sole income source for their family. The funds collected from this page will help pay the medical bills associated with Danny's treatment as well cover the out of pocket expenses and lost income incurred during this challenging time.  
Please support in any way you can.  If you would like to coordinate with me directly, please use the team captain contact information on the right hand side of the page.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

MEMO FROM FOP LODGE 7 ~~ Retiree Update from Attorney Clint Krislov

Retiree Update From Attorney Clint Krislov
Dear Retirees:
We’re still waiting for a decision from the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, following our argument December 10, 2014. We cannot predict when the decision will come down; but we’ll certainly let you know when it does.
In the meantime, we have filed a case for the Municipal and Laborers Funds participants to challenge the statutory deferral and reduction in their Cost of Living Adjustments, as prohibited by the Illinois Constitution’s “Pension Protection Clause” – more on that around the end of the month. Obviously, if the City is successful in that case, it’s likely that the City will try to impose the same changes on Police and Firemen’s pension COLAs.
Arguments on the State Pension “Reform” challenge are likely to be sometime in the March term of the Illinois Supreme Court. We will likely be filing another “friend of the court” brief in that case, as we did on the State retiree healthcare case. Our brief will likely be due February 16, 2015.
Korshak reconciliation checks should be out this month for the six month period ended June 30, 2013. Most of you will be receiving checks on the level of a month’s premium. We’re proud of having obtained these for you, and hope that you will consider contributing a portion to our war chest.
Sincerely, Clint